Sunday, August 26, 2007

Avoiding Celiac Disease Symptoms when Eating Out - Part 1

Yes, there comes the inevitable time when you have no choice but to eat out. You are on vacation perhaps, or out to a club dinner, and you have no choice in choosing where to go, and so you must play along. But times like that can be alot easier on everyone involved if you know ahead of time what to expect and what options you may have.

First, the type of restaurant you are eating at makes a huge difference in your chances of getting something edible. Fast food is completely out. There is no way you are going to find something at a fast food restaurant without having celiac disease symptoms. On the other hand, if the restaurant is a high-class establishment, the way out may be as simple as asking "May I see your gluten-free menu please?"; in which case you can order with ease. If you remember, lactose intolerance is another of the celiac disease symptoms, in which case you would need to ask which items also contain dairy (if it is not clear on the menu) and avoid those also.

If the restaurant does not happen to have a gluten-free menu or suggested items, don't lose hope yet. Many times the chef can still accommodate by creating a 'custom' dish just for you, and would be delighted to do it, since it offers a chance for creativity and a break from the monotony of preparing the same dishes over and over again. In my next article, I will cover avoiding celiac disease symptoms when eating out at middle-class restaurants and buffets.

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